It is vitally important that people wake up to the risks of 5G and begin to comprehend the genuine and serious threat this coming technology poses on a local, as well as a global, scale. It is also vitally important that people take action. There is useful information on the blog, however, the main focus is the email template and the PDF of the 18 page letter that has been sent to all 650 MPs, holding them to account.

Corporations are getting away with countless atrocities on this planet but 5G is unequivocally a step too far. Please take action by sending the email template to your MP and also by sharing the template and the information on the blog with as many people as you can.

As well as outlining what people urgently need to know about the risks of 5G, the letter to the MPs states: ‘If the British Government cannot provide independent, peer reviewed, indubitable scientific evidence that 5G frequencies pose no biological risk to the British people, especially considering the independent scientists’ warnings and recommendations to the EU, the deployment of 5G must not go ahead. If the government sanctions the deployment of 5G without this evidence and in denial of the warnings of ‘potential serious health effects‘, it will, unarguably, be perpetrating a heinous and reckless crime against the British population.

Please take immediate action by sending the email template to your MP.

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